Responsive Web Design is the future

March 11, 2015

The use of phones and tablets is increasing at an alarming rate, with the majority of people now finding that they are just as capable as a desktop PC or laptop. More and more people are accessing their emails, looking at their social media, browsing websites, shopping and researching products and services through the use of phones and tablets.


The change in the way we use our technology means that it is even more important that your website is designed for the device that it is being viewed on. In the past, website owners would have one website for PCs and laptops and another for mobile or tablet devices. With the emergence of responsive design, it is now possible to have one website which adapts in its size and layout, to the size of screen on which it is viewed.


What is a Responsive Website

Responsive design does not mean that your website simply shrinks to fit the size of the screen, but it means that all content is maintained, whilst the layout and font size is changed to make it easiest to read and navigate on smaller screens. Our own website has recently been updated to a responsive design, so that it now adapts to the size of screen on which it is viewed. Take a look at it on a laptop or PC and then on a mobile device or tablet, so see how the different elements adjust and font sizes change.


Google’s View

Google have now announced that they prefer a responsive design, which simply adapts to the size of screen on which the website is viewed, since it makes it easier for the robots to crawl and index one website.


Benefits of a Responsive Website

Responsive web design will save you time and money over the short, medium and long term. There is a much lower initial set-up cost compared to developing concurrent mobile and desktop versions of the same website. It also means you only have one website’s content to maintain, thus lowering the risk of incorrect/inconsistent content across your web presence

    • Brand and content consistency across all platforms
    • Improved user experience
    • Faster download speeds
    • Easier and cheaper to maintain with only one website to maintain
    • Improved SEO


How many of you customers do you think are likely to move to another website if your website is not responsive? All the websites we now develop are responsive. Contact us now to discuss how you can stay ahead of the competition with a new responsive website.

Responsive Website Design - The Way Ahead