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Take control of your website with a CMS

Do you want control over your website content, but don’t want to get involved in technical jargon and HTML code? Content Management Systems (CMS) provide you with the ability to easily edit, add and remove website pages and content, without the need for ongoing costs. It couldn’t be simpler.

Keeping it up to date, is vital to retain your web audience. You want to make sure that the information on your website is current, up to date, that it remains relevant to your customers, and that any new products and services can be added or modified as and when you need

At SilkiSkills we keep Content Management simple. There’s no html, no code and no technical jargon. We provide you with a complete solution to easily manage the content of your website, without needing any specialist technical know-how. Using a simple text editor you can amend existing content, add new/delete content, insert images and even add/remove pages. And because you can keep your content fresh and interesting, your visitors will keep on coming back for more.

If you can write a letter on a computer, you can use our CMS!

To make it even simpler, we also provide you with user documentation (just in case you forget!) and will take you through how to update and maintain your website in person.

Why a CMS?

Put simply, a CMS allows you to keep your clients up to date with your latest news. It reduces the time it takes to get your content on-line and removes the costs associated with asking your web designer to make changes to your website. Your clients will no longer be subjected to outdated information and always properly informed.

Which CMS?

We have used and evaluated a number of different Content Management Systems over the years but now develop using WordPress and MODX, both open-source Content Management platforms that gives us the freedom to create stunning websites and you the ability to easily maintain its contents using an ‘easy-to-use’ text editor.
MODX Content Management System Wordpress Content Management System

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